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[x] You are the oldest child in your family.
[] You hate when people "bend the rules".
[] You would consider yourself a bit of a traditionalist.
[] You tend to "mother" those around you.
[x] Your mother/father is your idol.
[] You've found philosophies of life from watching television.
[] You feel you'd be the first of your family to die for a loved one.
[] You've been called "bossy" often.
[] You usually avoid breaking rules, unless you find a real need to.
[] You're not one to often lose your composure.
Total: 2/10 - 2 x 10 = 20%

[] You are the second oldest child in your family.
[x] You often feel that one of your siblings is favored over you.
[x] You become frustrated easily.
[] You love competition and challenges.
[] You love to exercise.
[x] You despise being told what to do.
[] You've been in more than one physical fight.
[] You love to fight, even if it's not out of anger or even personal.
[x] You're extremely protective of your younger sibling(s).
[x] You are often sarcastic.
Total: 4/10 - 4 x 10 = 40%

[] You are the third born child in your family.
[] You get awkward and shy around your crush(es).
[] You are/were a straight A/honor roll student.
[x] You have low tolerance for stupidity.
[x] You have a tendency to overlook the obvious.
[x] You would prefer to exercise your mind than your body.
[x] You have been called a "nerd" many times.
[x] You are most comfortable planning out nearly everything that you want to do.
[x] Science and engineering are very interesting to you.
[x] You feel that sometimes your loved ones expect too much of you.
Total: 7/10 - 7 x 10 = 70%

[] You are the fourth or youngest child in your family.
[x] You tend to tune out when you probably should be paying attention.
[x] You feel that your family doesn't take you seriously.
[x] You consider yourself lighthearted and witty.
[] People treat you like you're dumb, but you know you're not.
[x] You have been called "creative" many times.
[] You can't help but pity people who are getting harshly punished even when they're wrong.
[] You are often smiling for seemingly random reasons.
[x] You are unorganized and messy.
[x] You get really excited about good food.
Total: 6/10 - 6 x 10 = 60%

[] You were raised as an only child.
[] You have been in a lot of fights.
[] You wear a lot of black.
[] You have been called "sneaky" and not always in a good way.
[x] You're not great at expressing your feelings.
[] You tend to hold grudges.
[] You remain cool under pressure most of the time.
[] You have several piercings.
[] You are/were a rebellious teen.
[x] You never keep friends for very long.
Total: 2/10 - 2 x 10 = 20%

[x] You are a daddy's girl.
[x] You prefer to do things on your own.
[] You are/were an honor roll/straight A student.
[x] You have a very small number of friends overall.
[] You almost always wear your hair up.
[] You are a strong animal rights supporter and activist.
[x] You often clash with those who are bossy (because you are a bit yourself)
[] Math and Science are some of your best subjects.
[] You have more male friends than female.
[x] You've been called a "tomboy" several times.
Total: 5/10 - 5 x 10 = 50%

[] People have often called you high-strung.
[] You are a flirt and/or are a bit perverted.
[x] You have/had little to no interest in school.
[] You play sports and love it.
[] You're pretty knowledgeable about cars or anything with a motor.
[] You were the kid in school known as the "anti-bully" - you beat up the bullies.
[x] You're very protective of the few friends that you have.
[] You're terrified of rats.
[x] You're pretty short-tempered.
[x] Showers aren't your thing.
Total: 4/10 - 4 x 10 = 40%
I'm 70% percent Don-Don, 60% Mikey, 50% April, 40% Raph and Casey, and 20% Karai/Miwa and Leo. So....I'm Donatello, which I sussed, as I am the uber nerd and geek in my family. I got this from Bomb-Shell (Khaki Jones).
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: The Touch
  • Reading: Jurassic Park
  • Watching: The Price is Right
  • Playing: Jigsaw Treasure
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: Coke
I got this from MangaUsagi.

Personal quantitative section

1. First thing's first. What's your name?
Leah Marie Hilton

2. How about your age?

3. Gender?

4. Birthday?

5. Birthplace?
St. Vincent's Hospital in Jacksonville

6. Height?
5'0. Yes. I am a midget.

7. Weight?

8. Zodiac sign?

9. Birthstone?

10. Heritage?

Personal qualitative section.

1. Eye colour?

2. Hair colour/style. Is it your natural hair?
Naturally curly brown hair.

3. Current fitness?
Healthy as a horse but overweight

4. Skin tone?
pale white

Romance Section.

1. What's your sexuality?

2. Current relationship status?

3. How many relationships have you been in? And could you give a brief description of them?
1. Went on one date with the dude to his church.

4. What is your favourite feature of your preferred gender?

5. Are you a virgin?

6. How often do you go on dates with your partner? (If you currently have one). Perhaps tell where you went for your favourite date?
Nil. Don't have a date

7. If you aren't already, do you hope to marry the person you are with?

8. If you aren't in a relationship then do you have a crush on someone?

9. Where is your favourite spot to be kissed?

10. How old were you when you had your first kiss?
Never been kissed, at least, romantically.

Seven Deadly Sins Section.

1. Would you be considered a glutton?

2. A sloth?

3. Lustful?

4. Envious?
A bit

5. Wrathful?

6. Greedy?

7. Prideful?

"Naughty" Section.

1. Ever done crack?

2. Smoked weed?
not yet

3. Done meth?

4. How about tried speed?

5. Heroine?

6. Shrooms?

7. Do you often drink?
Not often

8. Do you watch any form of pornography?

9. Ever stolen something?
A pack of plain m&ms when I was 3

10. Ever abused or bullied someone?
Bullied yes.

11. Ever been arrested?
not yet

12. Ever cheated on someone?

13. Have you ever gotten alcohol poisoning?

14. Have you ever abused the use of over the counter drugs?

Education Section.

1. Are you still in school?

2. If so, then what grade?

3. Your best subject in school?

4. Worst subject in school?

5. Did you drop out of school?

6. If you are in college, then what is your major?

Family Section.

1. Describe your relationship with your parents.
I love my mom. She's my hero.

2. Relationship with your siblings?
Kyle can be a brat.

3. With your family in general?
It's great.

4. Ever experienced the death of someone close to you?

Life Section.

1. Do you have a lot of friends?
A few super friends

2. Would you consider yourself a loner?

3. Describe your style of clothing.

4. Briefly describe your childhood.

5. Best memory.
Went cruising on the Disney Wonder in 2013.

6. Worst memory.
my paternal grandmother's death

7. Best aspect of life right now?
My beautiful nieces

8. Worst aspect?
My current cold

Religious Section.

1. Do you have a religion?

2. Do you believe in God or a form of intelligent design?

3. Do people need to live by morals or just live to have fun?

4. Briefly describe your top 5 most important beliefs/moral standards

1. God Loves you.
2.Respect others.
3.Family is SO important.
4.Violence doesn't solve anything.
5.Live like you were dying.

"Life Sucks" Section:

1. Do you have any allergies?
Lots of trees, plants, grasses, etc. nature hates me

2. Addictions?
Caffeine, books, and tv.

3. Health problems(physical)
Asperger's, ADHD, Keratoconus, myopia, and muscle weakness

4. Permanent injuries/scars?
2 on my left leg from a dog bite when I was 13.
2 more on my stomach from removal of my gallbladder.

Favourites Section.

1. Colour?

2. Style of music?
Country and Stan Bush

3. Food?
Egg Rolls

4. Drink?
Coke and Diet Coke

5. Outfit?
pajama pants and a loose t-shirt

6. Animal?

7. Plant?

8. Book?
Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden, The Left Behind series, and the Jurassic Park books by Michael Crichton

9. Movie?
The original Halloweens by John Carpenter, and the 90s Ninja Turtle movies.

10. Song?
Highest Calling by Stan Bush

11. Album?
The Ultimate Hits: Garth Brooks

12. Band/musical artist?
Garth Brooks, Stan Bush, Reba McEntire, and Kansas.

13. Actor/actress?
Jeremy Irons and Christopher Lambert.

14. Hobby?
reading and shopping

15. School subject?
History and Science

16. Sport?
College and Pro Football. (American, that is.)

17. TV show?

18. Pass-time?

19. Candy?

20. Pizza toppings?
mushrooms, black olives, bacon, and italian sausage

21. Dessert?
ice cream

22. Fruit?

23. Type of pie/cake?
chocolate and pecan

24. Flavour of ice cream?

25. Weather?
fall breezes

26. Time of day?
7-12 am

27. Word?

28. Smell?
roses and magnolia flowers

29. Sound?

30. Vacation spot?
Busch Gardens, Tampa

Would you rather… (please briefly explain your answers.)

1. Live in the city or country?
Country, Lived there all my life

2. Travel by plane or by boat?
boat I love going on a cruise

3. Be deaf or blind?
deaf, I'd hate not being able to read

4. Wear hardcore gothic clothing or dress in all pink?
Pink. Don't like goth

5. Stay human or be an animal? (If animal then what animal and why?)
Shapeshifter. A cat, because of their senses

6. Be surrounded by rowdy teenage guys or preppy teenage girls?
preppy girls. I'd feel uneasy with the boys.

7. Stay at home or go out and party?

8. Have a pet dog or a pet cat?
A cute squeaking cat named Oreo.

9. Only be allowed to eat candy or only be allowed to eat raw fruits and vegetables?
fruits and veggies

10. Play video games or exercise?
video games

11. Read or watch TV?

12. Draw or paint?

13. Only be able to yell to speak, or be mute?

14. Continue this meme or go do something more interesting?
continue this meme i guess

Personal Opinion Section.

1. Opinion of your appearance.

2. Opinion of your personality.
Needs improvement

3. Opinion of your family.

4. Opinion of your friends.
They're all pretty nice :)

5. Opinion on religion
I have survived through my faith in God. He kept me going in the darkest of times.

6. Opinion on homosexuality.
It is your own choice to practice it, but God abhors it, and so do I.

7. Opinion of school/work.

8. Opinion of modern society.
Greedy and ignorant.

9. Opinion of today's politics.

What was the last…

1. Movie you saw?
Jurassic world

2. Book you read?
Jurassic Park

3. TV show you watched?

4. Thing you ate?

5. Thing you drank?

6. Piece of art/literature/poetry you did?

7. Person you kissed.
my maternal grandfather

8. Person you texted/Instant messaged/emailed?

9. Time you exercised?

10. Dream you had?
skinny and on beach in Hawaii with a hunk who looks like Brad Pitt.

11. Thing you favourited on deviantART?
Doc Hudson from Cars in heaven

12. Animal you saw?

13. Time you cried?
14. Time you laughed?

15. Time you were furious?
I can't remember the last time

Have you ever…

1. Punched someone?

2. Kissed, or done more with, someone of the same gender?

3. Thrown up on someone?
As a baby

4. Been thrown up on?

5. Been to a rave?

6. Danced on a table?

7. Had a hangover?

8. Flashed someone?

9. Sneezed more than 3 times in a row?

10. Found a large(ish) amount of money on the ground?

11. Gambled?

12. Won a bet?

13. Lost a bet?

14. Hugged a zebra?

15. Been terrified by a street mime?

16. Found a clown under your bed?

17. Seen a ghost?
Yes. One lives in my bedroom closet

18. Talked to an inanimate object?

19. Yelled at an inanimate object?

20. Punched an inanimate object because you were mad at it?

21. Been caught doing something "naughty" by your parents?

22. Ever sang in the rain?

23. Danced in the rain?

24. Eaten sugary junk food until you threw up then ate some more?

25. Managed to burn water?

Final Section

1. Did you like this meme?
i guess

2. Would you do others that are similar?

3. Are you glad this meme is over?

4. Now who are you going to choose as the meme's next victims? (Tag people if you like, not required.)
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: The Touch
  • Reading: Jurassic Park
  • Watching: The Price is Right
  • Playing: Jigsaw Treasure
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: Coke


Leah Marie Hilton
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Current Residence: Florida
Favourite genre of music: Country
Operating System: WindowsXP
MP3 player of choice: Craig MP3
Wallpaper of choice Rowen Hashiba cutest of the Ronin Warriors
Favourite cartoon character: Silverbolt Aerialbot Leader
Personal Quote: Mi Vida Loca-My Crazy Life

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